Cameras, Lights & Sensors

A growing reputation, with decades of experience

Following Gael Force Group's aquisition of Mohn Aqua in Spring 2016, Gael Force Marine Technology is continuing to develop on the growing reputation built up by Mohn Aqua in recent years. Seen as the "go to name" in the aquaculture industry, with decades of combined experience in the aquaculture industry, we produce top range camera systems, underwater lights and seal deterrents for aquaculture. Few companies can offer this level of knowledge, technology and engineering skill that Gael Force Marine Technology can.

Gael Force Marine Technology are focused on delivering technology and control systems for aquaculture, and primarily on technology for marine sites. Our core product areas are SeaSight underwater cameras and sensors (water quality, weather, current) and our own SeaGuard Seal Deterrent (to help prevent seal and sea lion attacks). Another of our core products areas which is lighting up the industry is our SeaLight Underwater lighting system.

In addition to the products we offer, we pride ourselves on providing first class levels of support and on going maintenance, both on and off site.