SeaSight Underwater Camera Systems

SeaSight 410 Underwater Camera

The 410 Underwater Camera is an extremely robust and versatile unit designed from the outset for SeaSight-410-lo.jpglong term deployment in exposed aquaculture sites.  360 degree Pan and Tilt, the 410 offers continuous pan and tilt with no stops, meaning no blind spots.

High Quality Video
Colour/mono or mono only cameras are available with optical setup tuned for optimum pellet identification. Our colour cameras drop into mono mode at very low light levels offering a highly flexible solution.

• 360 degree pan and tilt camera
• On board depth sensor
• Optional Field Removable optical
dissolved oxygen / temp sensor
• Data Overlay Logging


 pdf-icon.JPGDownload the SeaSight 410 Specification Sheet here


SeaSight 216 Look Up Camera

The new Gael Force Marine Technology Look-Up camera is a fixed, underwater video camera withSeaSight-216-lookup-lo.jpg infra-red LED illumination suitable for feed monitoring or for transport tanks. In zero light conditions such as live fish transport, the compact and rugged design is a perfect fit. Combined with in-cab monitoring via Wi-Fi, live fish can be monitored from each tank from start to finish of their journey.

  • Suitable for zero light conditions (e.g. inside a tank)
  • Infra-red LED illumination.
  • Rugged polymer shell & stainless steel (A4) fixings, suitable for harsh environment.
  • Compact design.
  • Proven “Wet-Con” connector.
  • Auto I/R mode (day/night)
  • Colour or black and white (black & white only in IR mode)

SeaSight 101 Surface Camera

SeaSight-101-Surface-Camera-lores.jpgThe new Gael Force Marine Technology surface camera. A compact, robust design manufactured with a tough polymer shell and (A4) stainless steel fixing rated to IP67 – perfect for sea sites and wet environments. Monitor surface activity around cages or on feed barges. Ideal for keeping an eye on uninvited predators or as a safety camera monitoring lone workers. Cameras are colour and will switch to mono in low light conditions with infra-red kicking in at darkness.

  • Pole mounting video camera
  • Auto I/R mode (day/night)
  • Rugged polymer shell & stainless steel (A4) fixings, suitable for harsh environment.
  • Multi adjustable clamp for optimum positioning.
  • Compact design